League of American Bicyclists

The League promotes bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and works through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bicyclists, state officials gather to honor Lucinda Means

"Despite an unusually dry spring, a steady rain settled into Lansing on Thursday, coloring the day a respectful shade of gray.

In most circumstances, such weather would be far from perfect for a long bicycle procession and public ceremony.

But the honoree that day was Michigan's foremost proponent of bicycling, Lucinda Means, head of the League of Michican Bicyclists, who had died of a stroke at the age of 49 just two weeks before. To many of the participants, anything other than rain would have seemed frivolous." Read the article.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"The Early Show" Covers Bicycling

The Early Show on CBS did an interesting spot on bicycling during their Consumer Watch segment. Check out the VideoCBS News | Bike Advice From The Big Wheels | May 20, 2005�12:00:18: "It is National Bike Month as designated by the League of American Bicyclists, and May 16-20 is Bike to Work Week. But before you go out and purchase a bike, there are safety issues to consider."

Email from a League member...

In an effort to show all the support I could the attached photos are the bikes I rode to work this week. My Saturday and Sunday bikes are a Record equipped Merlin Solis and a hot-rodded Trek Madone 5.9 SL! Should I seek therapy?
James Hessler
Cyclist at Large
p.s. these bikes are my therapy.
Yesterday a League member sent in an interesting email: